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Unlocking Your Hair Potential

You know how when your hair is even a little bit off, you feel kind of off, too? 

We know what a huge role your hair plays in your self-expression, self-confidence, and really your whole identity. Thin, dull, or patchy hair can be a constant stress source, and we’re always looking for new ways to help you look and feel your best. 

That’s why as soon as we received our first Hair Serum request (one of many) we immediately got to work. After 3+ years of research through trial and error, we were finally ready to share Babe Locks Densifying Hair Serum with the world. If you've been looking for ways to improve your locks (without the cost and hassle of extensions) your search ends here.

The TL;DR? This Hair Serum is jam-packed with hydration and nourishment to encourage longer, thicker, healthier-looking hair within six weeks.* It balances the pH on your scalp to create an ideal scalp microbiome, while also working to replenish your hair follicles. Combined with its precise dropper, you can spot-target specific areas, or distribute it more broadly. Either way, you’re treating your scalp to a nightly elixir of dream nutrition.

Now, let’s take a deep dive.


When we say this Hair Serum is PACKED with effective ingredients, we mean it. It’s chalk full. Here are some of our heavy hitters:

Aloe Vera
This hydrating hero ingredient helps support a strong moisture barrier, helps balance the scalp’s pH level, and delivers enzymes that break down the dead skin cells that can clog follicles, for a clean, clear scalp. The perfect environment for fresh, healthy growth.

Peptide Blends
Our unique peptide combinations work as microscopic teams to bulk up the look and feel of your hair. They enhance scalp circulation, support hair’s rooting process, and encourage follicles to do their thing. They also contain known anti-inflammatory ingredients. This blend includes many of the high-performing peptides used in our products, so you can expect the same kind of va-va-voom results.

These fatty acids play a major role in the moisture barrier, to calm scalp itchiness and dryness, and protect against hair breakage.

This hair-loving ingredient moisturizes tresses, supports strength, and boosts shine in a big way.

This plant-based complex helps fight hair loss and encourage hair density. It also protects hair against environmental oxidation damage. Net results: younger-looking hair that feels super healthy.

This botanical blend supports follicle cell development, which you need for new hair. With ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory properties, it helps create great scalp conditions.

Plant Collagen
With amino acids that are kind to the skin and hair, it leaves scalp skin feeling calm and hydrated.

Wakes up the scalp to the sense of circulation—which you need for healthy follicles.

Vegan Keratin
Nature’s hair bodyguard, to protect against breakage.

Rosemary Extract
You may have heard the buzz on TikTok – there's a reason its viral. Tingly and fragrant, this herb is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and protection from breakage.

Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Argan Oil
A harmonious trio of rich moisture boosters, for ideal hair and scalp hydration.


  • Sulfates

  • Formaldehyde

  • Phthalates

  • Parabens

  • Silicones

  • Synthetic Colors

Plus, it’s vegan and cruelty-free, of course.

Because we knew you’d ask...

The scent is light and fresh, but subtly nuanced—an ideal fragrance to pair with any other product that helps you flaunt your originality.

Top Note: Ambrette seeds, citrus, sweet, bright, floral, and musky

Heart Note: Salt, marine and savory

Base Note: Herbs, hazy, soft, and mildly peppery

One of our models on set said, “It smells like a pretty girl walking right by you.”

That about sums it up.

Apply a dropper full in the PM across three sections of your scalp; left, right, and middle. The dropper is marked with how much formula to use per section, so it’s easy. Use the pointed tip of the applicator to part your hair and apply serum directly to the scalp in each section. Follow the front of the part and drag the dropper to the nape of neck. Repeat with the other two parts, starting at the temple and working back to the nape of your neck. You can also apply it directly to areas that especially concern you. Massage the product in and leave overnight. If you’re still confused, watch this video to see how we apply.

This Hair Serum is extremely easy to apply, and absorbs even more easily into your hair. But your head has approximately 100,000 follicles, so it’s hard to distribute serum to each one just with your hands. Don’t worry though – we thought of that too. That’s why we created our Hair Serum Applicator ($20), for convenient distribution to your entire scalp. Just pop open the lid, insert the serum, and push the lid back in. Comb the applicator through your locks while pushing on the lid, distributing serum and increasing circulation. Plus, you can enjoy a much needed, mini self-care moment.

Each bottle is a 3 month supply, but varies based on hair type and application.

Densifying Hair Serum is made for ALL hair types.

Results can be seen in as little as 6 weeks*, but we recommend daily application for a full 16 weeks before evaluating full results. Be sure to take before and after photos to track your progress along the way!

One BIG perk about this Hair Serum? It’s water-based, unlike other hair serums out there, so you won’t wake up with greasy hair in the morning (at least – not from this. We’ll still be using dry shampoo on our Day 5 hair, thank you!)

We’ll only give you products that we feel good about, and that we know will deliver real results. Along with our other powerful cosmetics, like our best-selling Essential Lash Serum, we know you’ll see a visible difference in your hair – guaranteed, or your money back. So, give Densifying Hair Serum a try and let us know what you think. We can’t wait to watch your hair transformation.

Happy Densifying!

Babe Original

*Based on a 12 week consumer study with 30 participants.