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Performance-Based Cosmetics: Beauty that delivers

If you know Babe, you might know what the term “performance-based cosmetics” refers to—cosmetics that really do what they say they’re going to do. We won’t add an item to our lineup unless it can perform at that breakthrough, wow-this-stuff-is-like-magic level. What would be the point?  

We know that crush of disappointment over products that promise to change our lives and never make a difference at all. (Or maybe they even have a negative effect. ) Mmmm, no thanks. Our mission is to only develop products that produce visible results, for all skin types, hair types and lifestyles.  

So when we talk about performance-based cosmetics (let’s call them PBCs for short) we mean products that work where beautiful skin and hair begin—from the inside out, rather than just adding effects on the surface. Sure, a PBC should make your skin or hair look and feel better immediately, but it’s also going to enhance those improvements over time. That’s the beauty of powerful ingredients—we do the research, so you don’t have to. 🤓 

Your countertop is probably stocked with PBCs already. The hydrating face wash in your shower immediately cleanses your skin, but it also has nourishing ingredients (some of our favs are panthenol, ceramides and hyaluronic acid) to restore your moisture barrier and prep your skin for skincare. That’s performance, babe! If it gives you more than just that initial surface level effect, it’s a PBC. And every Babe product does. 

Our philosophy: if a product says it makes your lashes look longer, or your hair look fuller, it should actually produce those effects. And the Babe bar is high. You shouldn’t have to stare in the mirror for five minutes trying to figure out if your PBC  is working. You should know without question, which is why we guarantee satisfaction on all of our products. 

Performance-Babe’d Cosmetics 

So now that you’re a PBC genius, check out some of our star-ingredient players from the Babe line. 

These are just highlighting a few of our best-sellers, but no matter which Babe product you choose, you’re going to get a result that you’ll love showing off.  

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