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“Originally You” Open Customer Casting Call

Here at Babe Original, we’ve made it our mission to celebrate the originality found in all of us. The freckles on your nose, the dimple on your cheek, the way your eyes light up when you laugh out loud. Everything that makes you unique - it's originally you.  

With that in mind, we decided to do something different this year by holding our *FIRST EVER* open casting call to celebrate what is “Originally You.” We opened applications to real Babe Original customers from all over the U.S. - no modeling experience required. In our application form, we asked respondents questions like:  

  • “What is one thing that is unique and original about you?”  

  • “How has your mindset toward beauty evolved throughout your life?” 

  • “If you had to sum up your unique perspective in life in one sentence, what would it be?” 

  • “What are your favorite Babe Original products?” 

  • “How long have you been a customer of Babe Original?” 

And can we just say, we were BLOWN AWAY by your responses! We received over 1,200 applications from our Babe community speaking to what made them original and why they wanted to be a part of this shoot. And while we couldn’t say yes to everyone, our team spent weeks narrowing down the list to 10 individuals we felt embodied both their own originality and the authentic community that we’ve worked hard to build with Babe Original. These cast members were from all across the country and ranged from age 19 to age 59. 

We sent notes to our 10 cast members letting them know they’d been selected and after a lot of internal (+ external) squealing on both sides, we were full speed ahead to our IRL meetup! A few weeks later, we brought them all to Babe HQ in Dallas, Texas, for a fun day of photo-shooting, bracelet-making, and relationship-building.  

TL;DR – BEST day ever!  

We loved getting the chance to connect with just a handful of the thousands of amazing and unique individuals who make up our Babe community – you included! After all, no one can do you like you can. 


Vera – 23  


FAVORITE BABE PRODUCT: “It’s so hard to choose one! I love the Plumping Lip Jelly, the Exfoliating Scrub Stick, and the Lash SerumConditioner of course!!” 

ONE THING THAT MAKES THEM ORIGINAL: “I feel confident in my own skin and embrace my unique features like my beauty mark and freckles!” 

Kamryn – 25: 


FAVORITE BABE PRODUCT: “ALL of them, but I’ve been using and loving the Densifying Hair Serum lately! My hair already feels thicker and more full!” 

ONE THING THAT MAKES THEM ORIGINAL: “I’m original because I feel things very deeply and I’m learning to embrace that. It’s helped me own my outgoing personality and make deep connections with others.” 

Ayzia – 26: 


FAVORITE BABE PRODUCT: “The Plumping Lip Jelly, Lip Mask and Amplifying Brow Serum are everyday staples for me to get plump and pillowy soft lips with bold brows.” 

ONE THING THAT MAKES THEM ORIGINAL: “I’m versatile in my skills and talents and I have a unique edge to myself.” 

Mia – 21:  


FAVORITE BABE PRODUCT:  4 Real Mascara is hands down the best mascara I’ve tried in a long time, and I’ve been using the Lash Serum for years. I love both for an easy false lash look!” 

ONE THING THAT MAKES THEM ORIGINAL: “I live and breathe all things fashion!” 

Raana – 25: 


FAVORITE BABE PRODUCT: “ESSENTIAL LASH SERUMMMM and Enhancing Lash Conditioner, they actually work and my lashes look fabulous.” 

ONE THING THAT MAKES THEM ORIGINAL: “I’m an aspiring girl boss who has owned a small business for 5 years, recently got an MBA and is currently getting her personal training certification! I’m all about stepping out of my comfort zone and challenging myself to learn new skills.” 

Susan – 59: 


FAVORITE BABE PRODUCT: “The Essential Lash Serum, it really works.” 

ONE THING THAT MAKES THEM ORIGINAL: “I have 10 children and homeschooled them all. We’re all still best friends!”  

Mac – 27:  


FAVORITE BABE PRODUCT: “The Essential Lash Serum! My lashes have never looked better and I love always being asked if I have false lashes on!” 

ONE THING THAT MAKES THEM ORIGINAL: “My ability to remain authentically myself through any situation and environment. I value expressing myself through my fashion, makeup, and humor above all. And I love sharing it with the world through social media.” 

Wesley – 43: 


FAVORITE BABE PRODUCT: “I first used Babe Lash Serum and Conditioner and I love my results! I'm proof that they really do work! The Glossy Rinse is also a definite keeper.” 

ONE THING THAT MAKES THEM ORIGINAL: “I’m a self-proclaimed beach-hunter and curly girl that loves to draw, write and travel.” 

Mariah – 25: 


FAVORITE BABE PRODUCT: “The Amplifying Brow Serum and Essential Lash Serum – I look forward to putting them on every night because I loveee the natural results they give me. I also have been LOVING the nighttime lip mask and the lip plumping glosses. They are my new day and night staples. Definitely my favorite lip products. Ugh and the gummies and the Brow Filler are so good too. Everything is amazing I’m truly obsessed with all of it!” 

ONE THING THAT MAKES THEM ORIGINAL: “I’m from Montana and am currently in medical school! I want to be the next Spencer Reed (from Criminal Minds), but I’ll have an MD behind my name 😉” 

Tatcha – 19:  


FAVORITE BABE PRODUCT: “Glossy Rinse Hair Treatment is my current obsession! But I’m a huge fan of Lash Serum, Lash Conditioner and 4 Real Mascara.”  

ONE THING THAT MAKES THEM ORIGINAL: “I moved to the U.S. from Brazil 7 years ago, which was not my dream initially, but now I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! I have a big love for Jesus and all people, and I do everything I can to love them well and make everyone feel seen and heard.”