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Lash Serum Verus Lash Conditioner

We’re going to let you in on a Babe insider secret - most Babe products have a partner. So for every PM treatment there’s an AM product that pairs with it, giving you round-the-clock lash care.

Here’s the skinny: Essential Lash Serum is applied at night and helps you achieve longer-looking lashes. Its AM partner in crime, the Enhancing Lash Conditioner, is applied in the morning and helps amplify your lashes for a fuller and darker-looking lash line. Sounds amazing, right? Imagine how good they are when they work together. 🤓

Sisters, Not Twins. 

Essential Lash Serum is an evening treatment that helps you achieve longer-looking lashes.

She’s our #1 best-seller for a reason - this serum is a powerhouse of active ingredients that give you visible results in as little as four weeks. But the pros don’t stop there. With consistent use, your lash line also benefits from super nourishing ingredients like panthenol, biotin, and vitamin E that promote stronger follicles and reduce the appearance of damage from environmental factors. With just one dip and swipe on clean eyelids every night, fluttery lashes are just weeks away without any falsies or extensions (but this is an oil-free formula, so it’s totally safe to use with extensions while promoting a healthy lash line).

Enhancing Lash Conditioner is a morning treatment that promotes a darker and thicker-looking lash line. 
Okay, your lashes are looking longer, but now you’ve set your sights on a fuller-looking lash line. Enter our lash conditioner! Our conditioner shares many of the same nourishing ingredients as the Essential Serum like sodium hyaluronate, chamomile, and biotin, but benefits from one of our fav ingredients ever: peptides. Peptides make up the building-block proteins that are vital to the creation of collagen, keratin, and elastin. These are all huge players in the world of follicles. Think of the Enhancing Conditioner as your lashes’ one-a-day morning vitamin. Use one dip per eyelid in the morning during your AM beauty regime to start the journey towards darker and fuller looking lashes. This is another oil-free product, making it especially great when transitioning off of lash extensions or keeping your lashes on point between fills.

So…why should I use both?
To keep it simple: if you only use one, you’ll only get the benefits on the one product you choose. Essential Serum will get you longer-looking lashes, and Enhancing Conditioner helps promote darker and fuller-looking lashes. If you use both, you open the doors to getting both length AND fullness. Using both products will help your lashes meet their max potential, and you’ll be able to see your results even better. Plus, they’re both oil-free - this means they’re totally safe for use on lash extensions and are especially great when transitioning off of them or keeping your lashes on point between fills.

A swipe of serum at night and a swipe of conditioner in the morning will have you looking and feeling your best with minimal effort.