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Enriching VS Volumizing Mascara

It’s time for honesty hour: there’s a lot of mascaras out there that can dehydrate and damage your lashes, undoing the results of your lash treatments. No thanks. 

Bad mascaras are a big time  “no-no” for us,  so we made our own - meet the Enriching Mascara and the Volumizing Mascara. 

Babe mascaras are full of our fav performance-based ingredients, meaning they enhance your look ASAP and over time. But just like siblings, they’re not the same - and you may like one more than the other. Need help picking your mascara bestie? Here’s a rundown on what makes both of these mascaras great in their own unique ways.

Same But Different

Enriching Mascara is the perfect go-to for a more natural, lifted lash look. 

Our first-born mascara is known for its thin formula and arched wand. The wand is universally-shaped to hug all lash lines, evenly coating every lash for a lifted, fanned out look. An ultra-light application can even trick people into thinking you’re mascara-free. Think of it as the perfect finishing touch to your no-makeup makeup look. 

Quick tip: the Enriching Mascara dries pretty quickly once applied, so we don’t recommend building this up with multiple layers unless you’re planning on using it after another mascara (more on that later). 

Volumizing Mascara is your key to mega-drama, eye-catching lashes with added length, fullness, and definition.

This mascara has a cone-shaped wand, allowing you to use the tapered end to catch every tiny little lash on your inner corner, and the fatter end to lift and curl the outer edges of your lash line. It has an ultra-buildable vegan formula which allows you to layer on extra coats of mascara to achieve the thickest lashes of your dreams.

TLDR: the Enriching Mascara focuses on adding length and lash definition, and the Volumizing Mascara adds more volume to the base and mid-lash area, making your whole lash line look fuller. See them side by side!

Best of Both Worlds 

Who said you couldn’t have it both ways? Most babes keep the Enriching AND Volumizing Mascaras in their makeup bags. Use Enriching for your everyday occasions and Volumizing for the days you want your lashes to make more of an impact.

Want to maximize your lash look? Good things are better together. Build up volume at the root of your lashes with the Volumizing Mascara, and while it’s still wet brush through to the tips with the Enriching Mascara for the ultimate full, lifted, and fanned out lashes.

You Really Can’t Go Wrong

Whether you use one or both Babe mascaras, you (and your lashes) are going to have a great time. Both of these products are full of some of our fav performance-based ingredients, like:

Hydrating Olive Oil:  
Enriching VS Volumizing Mascara
It’s not just for cooking, babe. Olive oil moisturizes the eyelashes and follicles while also helping the mascara glide on nice and silky-smooth.

We. Love. Peptides. Here’s why -  peptides are building blocks of proteins like keratin, elastin, and collagen (the key elements that make up your hair, skin, and nails). Peptides are important in mascara because they stimulate the follicle and strengthen the bond in your lashes. 

This ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties and is super hydrating, promoting a better skin and hair surface. It pairs well with other hydrating ingredients to condition your lashes immediately and over time.

Strengthens hair strands and decreases breakage.

Our mascaras share a lot in common with our Lash Conditioner. Think of every swipe as an extra dose of conditioner in your daily lash routine.

Plus, they’re water-resistant, so that means smudge and flake-free lashes without the super drying after effects of waterproof mascaras. The super flexible formulas also make these mascaras easy to take off at night with a little makeup remover, so gone are the days of rubbing back and forth on your lash line to get every drop of product off. 

So, which one are you reaching for: Enriching Mascara or Volumizing Mascara? Maybe both? Either way, you’re going to love your lashes.