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Deep Dive: Densifying Shampoo & Conditioner

Maybe you already know what Babe does for brows. And lashes. And maybe Babe Locks Hair Serum already has you well on your way to fuller-looking hair. And while some scientists are building rockets to Mars, our hair scientists would rather keep building a better world for those of us who weren’t as *naturally blessed* in the hair genetics department. If you’re one of those people too, we invite you to a life-altering experience: your next shampoo and conditioner.  

Babe Locks Densifying Shampoo works by thoroughly cleansing hair from dirt, oil, and product residue that can clog your follicles, but it doesn’t stop there. This shampoo pumps your locks with instant volume, building fullness from root to end. How to use it? Nothing tricky—just your standard “apply to wet hair and massage from roots to ends, and rinse thoroughly.”  

You will, however, want to follow with Babe Locks Densifying Conditioner 

This ultra-hydrating, instantly volumizing haircare step two makes that next-level difference with precisely balanced hair nutrients (we’ll break down exactly what those are shortly). Massage Conditioner in from the mid-lengths to the ends of your locks. Wait 1-3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Prepare to be densified. 

Here’s what makes Babe Locks superior to your current shampoo and conditioner routine. 

A blend of jojoba, meadowfoam seed, olive, and castor seed oils hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Seriously, your hair has never felt better. 

Vegan-friendly collagen gives weary hair its own natural element back. 

The amino acids from amaranth extract are here too (you may recognize them from our beloved lash and brow serums). Their peptide power targets the hair fiber, increasing thickness from the inside, creating more gloss and shine, and improving hair’s flexibility and resilience.   

Rice Protein bulks hair up, but keeps it manageable.  

Ceramides calm a dry, irritated scalp and protect against breakage.  

Biotin adds more moisture, more robustness, and more shine.  

Panthenol smooths, softens, and makes damaged hair feel undamaged.  

And caffeine does the caffeine thing—waking hair up to its full performance potential. 

Both products are packaged in recyclable, waste-minimizing pouches, and they’re 100% free from sulfates, formaldehyde, phthalates, parabens, silicones, synthetic colors and animal-testing.  

And oooooh, that fragrance. Sweet, citrusy, herb garden fresh, and ocean-breezy. It’s a light, easy scent that highlights your own Original self.   

With Babe Locks Densifying Shampoo and Conditioner, your hair has a brand-new chance to look fuller, thicker, longer, denser and just that much better. And you know what more hair means—the world gets even more you.