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Debunking Lash Serum Myths

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about lash serums, so let’s have an open discussion about these claims and debunk them with some facts. 

“How Do I Make Lash Serum Work Faster?”

Sadly, you can’t make the Essential Serum work faster. 

We’ve all heard “good things come to those who wait,” and when it comes to using Babe Lash, it’s 100% true. Unfortunately, people can get discouraged when they find that results aren’t instantaneous and want that quick fix.

We frequently get messages and reviews that say something like: “I used it for two weeks and didn’t notice any difference.” Sorry to break it to you, babe - you gotta stick with it and keep going!

Remember, although some people see results in as little as 4 weeks, it can take longer, which is why we recommend evaluating your results after consistently using the Essential Serum for 12 weeks. The best way to keep track of your results is to take before and after pictures throughout your lash journey to compare them side by side.

If you’re really wanting to see lash results a bit sooner, we recommend pairing it with Enhancing Conditioner. 

“Can I Use My Lash Serum Twice a Day”

Whatever you do, do not use the serum multiple times a day. 

Some beauty products encourage frequent product application. Sadly, applying the Essential Serum more frequently won’t make it work faster.

Applying Essential Serum multiple times a day might irritate your eyes, which would be a real bummer, and more importantly, you will waste half of the product! So instead, use the Essential Serum once at night to make it last longer and have better results.

“Lash Serum Made My Eyes Puffy/Red, So I Stopped Using it”

Typically, irritation from using lash serum only occurs when too much product has been used and subsequently gotten into the eye. As we all know, getting anything into your eye will cause discomfort (whether it is serum, shampoo, an eyelash, or even a speck of dust). Keeping the serum out of your eye will prevent that short-term irritation.

Again: less is more.

Wipe off excess product from the wand before applying, and take extra care to avoid getting serum into the eye. One dip is enough for both eyes. You could also try spacing out your applications, so you only put it on every other night until the skin around your eyes adjusts. 

“I Used Lash Serum Religiously and Saw No Change.”

This is a tough one. When we get comments like this, we likely will ask you where you purchased the product from.

Online third-party sellers can often sell counterfeit, tampered with, or expired products for a lower price. It happens with all kinds of products but is especially rampant in the beauty industry.

For that reason, we recommend purchasing directly from our website or one of our authorized retailers to make sure you’re applying genuine Babe products to your skin. 

A nice perk of buying directly from our website is that we have a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, so every purchase is totally protected in case your experience is not what you expected. 

Trust the Process

When starting your lash journey, apply the product correctly, put it on consistently, and give it time. Follow these steps and we’re confident you’re going to see results. And if you don’t love it (but we are almost 100% positive you’ll love it), we’ve got a 90-day satisfaction guarantee so you can shop with peace of mind.

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