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7 Ways to Way Better Hair

It’s not fair. Some people are born with the thick, shiny hair dreams are made of, and the rest of us are left wondering why nature skipped us when she was handing out the goods.  

But here’s the Babe secret: With good haircare habits and advanced hair science, you really can change your hair’s fate. So, if you dream of lusher locks that give you heart-eyes every time you look in the mirror, read on for our power hair tips and insider info. 

Loosen up 
Wearing your hair in a tight ponytail, braids, dreadlocks, cornrows or extensions may be your look today, but watch out for tomorrow. All that pulling can damage your follicles to the point of permanent hair loss.*  Give your hair a break from the breakage and change your style up regularly, so your scalp can rest and recover.   

Give Yourself a Scalp Massage  
Can 4 minutes of scalp massage a day over the course of 24 weeks give you thicker hair?  According to a study by medical researchers in Japan, yes it really can. The stretching action of the massage has a positive effect on the scalp*** (and it feels pretty nice to the research subject, too. How do you say “win-win in Japanese?) You can use your hands or (if you prefer to keep oily fingers away from your roots) use a tool like our Hair Serum Applicator, which has stainless-steel ball-point tips that evenly distribute Hair Serum, or just provide a mood-enhancing scalp massage without inserting Serum. 

Access the Power of Peptides 
Peptides are strings of amino acids that form the building blocks of proteins like collagen and elastin. Maybe you’ve noticed that performance-based skincare products are loaded with peptides. Now, hair scientists worldwide are focused on their effectiveness for hair fullness. When it comes to serious hair densifying, peptides are what you need, so look for them on products that claim to give you thicker-looking hair, like this Densifying Shampoo and Conditioner. Rich with tocopherols that protect against UV damage, they plump hair up, and help protect against excessive loss.** 

Say Hello to Aloe Vera  
It seems like there’s nothing this moisture-rich botanical miracle can’t do. We’ve all heard the OMG stories of what aloe can do for the skin. Now, researchers are discovering its hyper-hydrating potential for the hair—with its vast supply of essential minerals and vitamins and its ability to help soothe and balance the scalp microbiome, creating a habitat for hair to thrive. Believe it or not, aloe vera is part of Densifying Hair Serum’s secret to success. 

The Strength of Keratin  
Your body is actually producing its own keratin all the time. It’s essential for the health of various parts of your anatomy. It’s also the primary component of your hair. Researchers are looking into its ability to support hair through its natural cycle**. And as a densifying ingredient, keratin contributes to healthier looking hair in a major way. Our new favorite in-shower treatment, Glossy Rinse, is infused with vegan keratin for ultra, lightweight hydration and damage control in just 5 seconds.  

Give Hair Its Fill with Rice Protein 
You know how rice fills you up? Rice protein fills your hair up, too—with va-va-voom volume that resists damage, defies breakage, and behaves manageably. There’s a reason it’s been viral all over your For You Page. (P.S. You can also find rice protein in this Hair Serum!)  

Read Your Labels 
Want to see fuller, healthier-looking hair ASAP? Pull out your magnifying glass and examine those ingredient lists before you invest your time, money and good faith. Look for products that supply all the benefits listed above, with no damaging ingredients like sulfates.  

Spoiler alert: you’ll find hair products that give you real, visible results instantly and over time in our Babe Locks category. It features our dream hair team for turning blah hair into a lush vision of gorgeousness. Just saying. 

Want to read some peer reviewed scientific articles that back up what we’re telling you? Okay, you asked for it: