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Deep-Dive: Essential Serum

Thanks to lash serum, enhancing your natural lash line is easier than ever. There are lots of lash serums out there - but most can’t compete with  Babe Lash Essential Serum. And that’s coming from the pro’s, not us. 😉  Here’s a quick rundown why.

Wait so…how does it work?

Performance-based ingredients power every Babe product. That means you’re getting something that works! This lash serum is infused with natural and powerful panthenol, biotin, chamomile, sodium hyaluronate, and vitamin E to nourish and enhance your eyelashes.

The Essential Serum is applied to the eyelid, along the top of your lash line and its performance ingredients are formulated to revitalize your natural eyelashes. Within a matter of weeks of consistent use, you can count on seeing longer-looking lashes. Want to know more? Check out the hair shedding cycle blog to see how Babe plays in to your lash cycle.

We know there are a lot of serums promising the best results, but check out these stats from a study we conducted with 30 diverse subjects over 6 weeks:

How to Use Lash Serum

100% of consumers in our study said the Essential Serum is easy to use. We can teach you super quickly.

In the evening, take the serum, dip it once, and swipe it across your clean upper lash line (like eyeliner) on both eyes. Be sure to keep the product from getting in your eye. Give it a couple of minutes to dry before heading to bed. Repeat this process each night for about 10 weeks. 

Once you’ve reached your desired look, you can reduce application to a few times a week to maintain your lashes.

Essential Serum + Extensions

Although most of our customers use a lash serum to get a lash look that resembles extensions, a large portion of customers actually are in committed relationships with their lash extensions and falsies. So if extensions are your vibe, you should totally rock it! The Essential Serum is oil-free, which means you can use extensions, falsies, strip lashes, etc., without issue. 

And another perk? Since 86% of consumers saw healthier-looking lashes after using our serum, that means you will have a stronger, healthier base for your eyelash artist to work with!