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Deep-Dive Enhancing Conditioner

You’ve heard of lash serum - but what about a lash conditioner?

Here’s the deal - if you want to get longer-looking lashes, you use a lash serum. But – a less commonly known tip is that if you're going to get thicker-looking lashes, you use a lash conditioner. And for the ultimate combination of length AND thickness, you can use both of them together for 24/7 lash care.

We think lash conditioners deserve a brighter spotlight, so we’re going to let you in on all of the perks inside of this silver bottle.

How Does it Work?

Powerful performance-based ingredients enhance and nourish your natural eyelashes, while natural anti-inflammatories like panthenol, sodium hyaluronate, and chamomile hydrate and soothe the lids and lashes. This peptide-infused conditioner promotes keratin, elastin, and collagen in the eyelashes. Plus, with its antioxidants from Vitamin E, you can count on your conditioner to help fight free radicals. 

Need some extra perks? Here’s some more reasons to love lash conditioner:- It's totally oil-free, so that means its safe to use with lash extensions and strip lashes

- The super fortifying formula helps minimize damage to lashes from lash glue

- Accentuate your lash line with fuller, thicker, and darker looking lashes (hello no-mascara days!

- Cruelty-free and Vegan 🐰🌱

- Available in a 4-month supply

- Super gentle formula is safe to use while pregnant/nursing How to Use Enhancing Conditioner

Using the Enhancing Conditioner is easy-peasy! In the morning, dip the wand into the conditioner and swipe it across your upper lash line (like eyeliner). Then, dip it again and swipe it on your other eyelid. If you’re a Lash Serum user, that probably sounds super familiar.

Avoid getting the conditioner in your eye, and be sure to give it a couple of minutes to dry before applying other makeup and skincare products.

Repeat each morning for about 10-12 weeks. Once you’ve reached your desired look, you can reduce application to a few times a week to maintain your lashes.

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