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Deep Dive: Babe Brow Amplifying Serum

Everybody Needs Eyebrow Serum 
We put our hair through a lot - environmental damage, product damage, heat styling, human error, you name it. But it’s not just your head hair that takes the heat, your eyebrows are also prone to some trauma. 

Remember the last time you had a bad wax or overplucked your eyebrows? Talk about trauma! Luckily, Babe Brow Amplifying Serum can help.

Infused with castor oil, vitamins, and antioxidants, Amplifying Serum helps you get brows that look thicker and bolder. These performance-based ingredients give long-term and short-term benefits that promote better brows over time. 

If you’re familiar with Babe Lash's Essential Serum, you have a good idea of how this works. But if you’re new to these kinds of serums, let's jump in to a quick deep-dive about what makes this the key to your best brows ever.

Brow Serum’s Key Ingredients
Okay, we’ll be the first to admit that talking about ingredients may not seem super flashy or sexy, but we promise that the payoff is worth it!

The Brow Serum is a performance-based cosmetic, meaning it is full of hydratingnourishing ingredients that work. Don’t know about you, but we think ingredients that put in the work are pretty attractive! 

Castor Oil:
Castor Oil has been a much-loved ingredient in the beauty industry for many years. Full of proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants, it nourishes and enhances the hair follicles for improved hair health.

Derived from Vitamin B5, panthenol is full of anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties, helping nourish the brow hairs and the skin below the brows for reduced flaking and breakage. Panthenol is a key ingredient in all of the Babe performance-based serums.

Biotin is a B-vitamin that helps convert nutrients into energy, playing a major role in the health of your hair, skin, and nails. This includes stimulating keratin production, which strengthens hair strands and benefits the health of the follicle.

Sodium Hyaluronate:
Hyaluronic acid was the name on every beauty brand’s lips in 2020 for its ultra-hydrating properties. Sodium hyaluronate is like its close cousin - it hydrates the skin for improved follicle health, which is super vital when considering products to use around your delicate eyebrow area.

Amino Acids:
Amino acids are molecules that build proteins across the body commonly used in hair treatments. When it comes to your hair, amino acids bind to the cuticle, filling in the gaps and aiding in creating a shiny look and silky feel to the hair. Think of it as the cherry on top that helps your eyebrows look healthier, stronger, and smoother.

How is Brow Serum Different from Lash Serum?
Let’s talk about lash serum and brow serum and what makes them different. Hardcore fans of the Babe Lash Serum know the insider secret of applying the lash treatment to the eyebrows for a bit of a brow enhancement. It works, but since lash hair and brow hair are different, we wanted to create a formulation and application process that specifically targets the needs of the eyebrows for optimal results.

Doe-Foot Applicator
The Brow Serum has a doe-foot applicator, unlike the ultra-fine liner brush on the Essential Serum and Enhancing Conditioner. Why the switch? While perfect for lash line application, the liner brush doesn’t quite cover enough real estate of the brow surface to fully get the intended benefit. 

That’s where the doe-footed applicators come in. It covers a larger surface area and allows for deep enough saturation to get through the thick brow hairs to the skin, so you can get the results you’ve been looking for.

Deeper saturation may sound like a great idea for the lash treatments, but there’s a reason each product has the applicators that they do. Our team has tested countless applicators for each product and did lots of research to make sure each one suits the formulation perfectly, so take our word on this one.

Introducing: Castor Oil
There’s a lot of hype about castor oil right now - and for a good reason. With the recent renewed interest in using castor oil in beauty routines, our community has had lots of questions about why we don’t use castor oil in our lash treatments. 

Although castor oil can be incredibly useful in nourishing your hair, the oil isn’t recommended for use with lash extensions because oil can break down the lash glue and weaken the bond of your extensions. And since many of our customers use the Lash Serum on their lash extensions to help their overall lash health and prolong the time between fills, we choose not to put it in our lash treatments. We’re always looking out for you, babe!

Although castor oil is getting a lot of attention in popular culture, we’ve found that it doesn’t make a significant difference when used on eyelashes. However, when used on the eyebrows, castor oil helps hydrate, enhance, and refresh the brows. Our team was so excited when formulating the Brow Serum because we finally had the perfect opportunity to use this beneficial ingredient.

How to Use the Brow Serum
The Brow Serum is a once-a-day treatment - think of it as your nighttime brow mask. We love to incorporate our serums into our skincare routines, so think of this as the first step of your evening ritual. Stick to one application per day - applying more than once won’t make you get results faster, and it could potentially irritate your skin (ever heard of too much of a good thing?). Plus, you would go through the product more quickly than is necessary - save that $$$, babe! 

Follow these easy steps for amazing brows: 

It’s an easy, natural solution to enhance the look of your eyebrows within a matter of weeks. Think it’s too good to be true? We are so confident that you’re going to love it that we offer a 90-day satisfaction guarantee (but we’re pretty posi you’re going to be obsessed with your results). Be sure to take pics of your brow journey and tag us so we can see your amazing results.